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Guy Odishaw

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Reviews for Guy Odishaw

"Guy is a great massage therapist.  He was extremely friendly and calming.  The entire experience was great, I left feeling relaxed and happy.  The office is very small and simple, you don't get the sense that you're being sold the spa atmosphere...it is all very organic and genuine.  I'd highly recommend Bhakti."   

~ B.U.

"I thought Guy did a good job."

"I have returned for more!"

"Very good massage and easy to book. I will definitely go back."

"Took a detailed history of my aches and pains and asked about concerns I may have. The massage was much more than just a muscle relaxer. He really worked on my tennis elbow and the joints and tight spots in my neck and shoulders.(Manipulated the arm to expose the tight tendon and relieve pain.) Only did massage on the areas I felt comfortable with. I did do the extension and did 90 min. instead of just 60. Well worth it!!" 

~ K.W.

"Awesome massage!"

"Very friendly and professional staff. The massage was awesome.. I highly recommend it."

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"I loved it! He found tight muscles I didn't know I had. I felt better afterwards and will definitely go back again."  

~ D. E.

"I would go back again."

"Guy is the person I got the massage from. He was fantastic. Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Best massage experience I've had yet. I'll definitely go back!!"

"Guy opens each session with a discussion to determine what next steps are. He communicates very well and has some exceptional knowledge on how to solve problems."  

~ T. C.

"Guy is WONDERFUL!!"

"Wonderful practitioner! Will definitely be back!"

"I had a phenomenal experience, it exceeded my expectations. I would and have highly recommended Bhakti Wellness Center. I will return to Bhakti."

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"I received a 60 minute massage from Guy. He was very professional and made me feel comfortable right away. I felt relaxed and enjoyed one of my best massages to date.
Making an appointment at Bhakti Wellness was a little bit difficult at first. They were quite busy with traveling and seminars, but Guy made every effort to accommodate me as soon as possible. I thought that Bhakti Wellness had a nice atmosphere that was relaxing and peaceful. Guy gave a very professional and effective massage. I felt like he was really working through the soreness in my muscles. I hope to go back again sometime soon."  

~  John Song

"Very relaxing massage, comfortable space."

"Guy is educated and knows what he is doing. It was easy to schedule an appointment, and I have already referred another person to his clinic."


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Reviews for Dr. Litchy

I've experienced a great improvement in my overall wellbeing after only a few visits with Dr. Litchy. His passion for wellness, as well as his ability to communicate the wonders of the mind/body connection are immense. If you're looking for a knowledgeable Naturopathic physician in the Twin Cities contact Dr. Litchy.



I had my first appointment with Dr. Litchy.  He was kind and thoughtful and concerned with my health.  He offered simple ideas I can do to get better along with some supplementation that I can try.  This way I can avoid prescription drugs which I prefer to stay away from.  What I like is that he is trying to get to the bottom of what is causing some health concerns rather than mask it with drugs.  I want to fix/correct the cause and he is the person to work with to do so.  I am so happy I am working with him and motivated to take care of my health under his guidance. 



I sought Dr. Litchy's help with a long-term health issue earlier this year. He was attentive, an excellent listener and thoughtful in his responses and suggestions. With Dr. Litchy's help, I've been able to make significant, measureable changes in my overall health and well-being. I feel confident in his care and I have already recommended him to a number of my friends and acquaintances.




Dr. Litchy is a wonderful doctor.  He really takes the time to listen and his approach to health is very comprehensive.  I would recommend him to any of my family!




Reviews for Dr. Corazzo


“I had a great experience doing Dr.Katie’s detox. The first 4-5 days my intestinal issues had decreased significantly. My skin cleared up and had a great glow to it. I even ended up losing 7-8 pounds! The way she prepared and presented the information made it very easy to follow day by day. I took so much information away from this detox on what foods to buy and how they benefit your body. I have taken the information and implemented it into my daily eating habits after the detox. I have seen benefits from the detox physically and mentally. It’s hard work but it’s worth it!”


- K.S.
“We are so happy we went through the 21 day detox. At the beginning of the detox, we both wondered how we would find the strength to get through, but quickly learned that it really isn’t hard at all!! In fact, I’d say we have sustained about 80% of the overall program as part of our diet/daily routines. We both feel less bloated, more energized and get better sleep.”

- P.B.